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Last night a borrower with lower credit agreed to move forward with me.  I am always thrilled to have someone agree to work with me.  I am sure it is going to require more handholding and it reminds of two statements that have been made to me that while I’m sure are true and correct, I’m not going to be able to follow it as well.


It was said that more deals with new investors fail due to their lack of experience.  Less than perfect borrowers are probably the same.  I was told that I risk doing a lot of work for free.  Both are very true and I respect the opinions and the people that gave them to me.  The only reason that I am not taking this advice is that when I started, I wanted to find ways to help those who wanted to get into real estate get started.  That desire has not changed, so while I am going to be doing more work for less gain, I believe that as I help others improve their businesses, mine will flourish as well.

Evan Zelkovich

Evan Zelkovich

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