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It’s called check flashing and here is why you shouldn’t do it,

It’s Called The Dark Side of Check-Flashing For A reason: Wholesalers and Gurus on Social Media

I have seen this practiced extensively. It is something gurus teach. But be real and don’t do this.

In the age of social media, success stories and financial achievements are often flaunted across various platforms. Wholesalers and gurus in the business and self-help industries are no strangers to this trend, frequently sharing pictures of hefty checks as proof of their prosperity. While these displays may seem inspiring at first glance, there is a darker side to this practice that raises concerns about authenticity, ethics, and the impact on their followers.

  1. Misleading Representations: Absolutely why you shouldn’t do this. 

One of the primary drawbacks of wholesalers and gurus showcasing their checks on social media is the potential for misleading representations. These images create an illusion of effortless success and immense wealth, often failing to provide the full context of the individual’s journey. This can lead followers to believe that financial success is easily attainable, neglecting the hard work, failures, and perseverance that typically accompany it.

  1. Pressure to Conform: Peer Pressure. 

The incessant display of large checks on social media may also create an unhealthy atmosphere of peer pressure. Followers might feel compelled to conform to the perceived standards of success, even if it means resorting to questionable practices or making decisions that are not aligned with their values. This pressure to keep up with the image portrayed by wholesalers and gurus can lead to financial risks and ethical compromises.

  1. Lack of Transparency: No one knows if the check is even real. 

While a check might serve as visual evidence of financial gain, it often lacks the necessary transparency regarding the source of income. Wholesalers and gurus may accumulate wealth through various means, including selling courses, seminars, or other products. The emphasis on the financial aspect alone without detailing the value provided or the legitimacy of the income source raises concerns about the authenticity of their success.

  1. Exploitative Practices: This is why the wholesaling industry gets a bad rap. 

Some wholesalers and gurus exploit the desire for financial success by promoting get-rich-quick schemes or expensive courses that promise instant wealth. The posting of large checks contributes to this narrative, attracting individuals who are vulnerable to quick-fix solutions. The result can be financial loss and disappointment for followers who invest in these schemes without fully understanding the risks involved.

  1. Erosion of Credibility: Would a seller in distress want to do business with someone who flashes? 

Frequent displays of wealth on social media can erode the credibility of wholesalers and gurus over time. Followers may become skeptical about the authenticity of the checks and question the actual impact of their teachings. This erosion of trust can have long-term consequences, affecting the influencer’s ability to genuinely connect with their audience and provide valuable insights.

Please don’t do it. You can do better.

While the allure of showcasing success on social media is understandable, wholesalers and gurus must be cautious about the potential negative impacts of posting pictures of checks. Transparency, authenticity, and ethical business practices should take precedence over the desire to impress and attract followers. As consumers, it’s crucial for individuals to approach these displays with a discerning eye, recognizing that real success is often built on hard work, integrity, and a commitment to providing genuine value. If you provide value you will get more business and make more money. Be genuine. Be real. Don’t flash. It doesn’t impress anyone.  #realestateinvestors #realestate #wholesalers #wholesaling #check_flashing #chgeckflashers #realestate


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